Dermatitis We will continue discussion of this question on the th week, in the section devoted to an intestinal invaginatsiya.

Allergy What is such.

Allergic reaction occurs because of hypersensibility of an organism to some substances.

When we discuss allergic reactions, we mean also such conditions, as allergic rhinitis, contact dermatitis, atopic or any other dermatitis.

Dermatitis this inflammation of the skin, being accompanied an itch, reddenings, other damages of an integument.

Allergic reactions can arise during any period of time.

Symptoms of an allergy include itch; dryness of integuments; difficulties of breath; cold; eyes; rash; skin reddenings; breath shortening; sneezing.

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In total

In total And the svezhevyleplenny snowman will thaw in sunshine.

Yes, the fantastic gets into religion, but by mistake.

In the Middle Ages of epidemic considered as the God's penalty.

Today the reason see in microbes.

Steam engines first inspired to uneducated people of thought on devil force.

Prejudices as many imaginations, blossom in emptiness of ignorance.

The religion is not similar to the fantastic lock, whose base ignorance, differently the primitive people would be religious, and civilized is not present.

In total on the contrary.

At savages of belief are strange, unstable, are based on fear before mysterious natural phenomena more often.

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Fourth series

Fourth series Equality of the bases is checked by their imposing at each other.

Therefore, figures are equal on the area.

Our geometrical system includes also other materials, but less significant.

Fourth series of loose leaves triangle division.

Four identical frames with identical deepenings of a triangular form equipotential, the party of cm and triangles loose leaves.

One triangle an integral figure.

The second equal versatile rectangular triangles.

They turned out division of an equipotential triangle by the height line.

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More careful

More careful Increase frequency of feedings of the kid and volume of eaten food.

Address to the doctor.

Call the doctor and ask for suggestions.

The pediatrist, probably, will want to see the child, especially if there are no obvious reasons for disease emergence, for example such, as reception of antibacterial preparations.

The doctor can recommend to change a diet and appoints the preparations containing vitamins.

More careful inspection of the child also can be necessary.

Diarrhea What is such.

Diarrhea it not an illness.

It is a symptom of a disease which is connected with a gastroenteric path more often.

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When I started

When I startedThe main thing that we such strange travel on all stations of the citymade not once.

Then we did not think at all of, why us therepulls.

Simply went where feet bore.

Pochemu~to to us at these stations very much ~curled to sit in a waiting room, on the platform we never went.

Only later, remembering it, I with surprise understood, as far as exactly ~but these sitting symbolically reflected our of that time in stations is vital ~ny situation Maria.

When I started to work, left in the evening home after nine.

On ~boat of the relation were not got on, it was lonely.

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